Len Gesinski Photography

PortWashingtonCedarburg 068


Len Gesinski Photography
©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved
Cedarburg, Wisconsin


5 Responses to “Len Gesinski Photography”

  1. the perfect mirror……

    • E, Thank You!!
      a Place, and people that We both have grown to love…..just a two hour drive away(about 96 miles).

      • that its so awesome, in california it was santa barbara that was the day trip. i think it’s the spontaneity that makes it nice

        • We’re planning another daytrip just a bit north of us this coming thursday in Lake Geneva. The fall colours should be just brilliant, and my wife wishes to catch some fountain shots. Her camera catches drops in action, she’s looking at a pricey lens that one fellow caught a single blade of a helicopter in action….with the blades humming at G-d knows how many RPMs.
          I’m still learning to ‘drive’ my camera……lol
          As with everything that we run into on this earth, we can look at the same item, and after analysis come up with two different views….our styles and flavours of photography capture that.
          It’s a good time, there are things coming up in life that I’m very much looking forward to.
          Take great care…..

        • Most times, I at least have my camera fully charged to capture whatever has my eye. If planning, then I have my camera emptied, and my three batteries fully charged and ready to rock and roll…..any time of the year. We’ve been out after massive dumpings of snow, to trudge about. We’ve also been out in Minus Degree Temps……yeah, we both have the bug lol!

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