Chant Poem

Chant Poem


Another day, another disease

but where the humanity?

fear of any, and all differences

but where the humanity?

pointing fingers, at each other

but where the humanity?

accusation, in countless eyes

but where the humanity?

blind hatred to cover irrational fear

but where the humanity?

where to find a solution?….a cure?

but where the humanity?

starting with


unconditional love














Chant Poem10272014©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


3 Responses to “Chant Poem”

  1. i like that you end with “now” … has to begin with seeing the better

    • E, Thanks!! PJ Poesy had a gut puncher of a piece last week in one of the Poetry Groups. This simplistic Chant Poem was my building off of PJ’s vibe/piece. I really do not feel that anything other than now would is acceptable.

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