Shattered Lens

Shattered Lens



In his words







in his eyes





the weight







the collected






a long life


Shattered Lens030215A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved
Note: Interpretations of random pictures, images, pics from news articles for a new category(Shattered Lens)  

30 Responses to “Shattered Lens”

  1. Seems like you have some strong poetry. Striking images. ….

    • Thank You. Poetry and Broken Prose( or Prosetry) is an outlet, a place to experiment. We’re surrounded by talented wordsmiths of all sorts and types in both the FB and WP universes.

      • I can see, with you and Gary. Quite a powerful duo!

        • We all learn from each other. We turn each other onto new forms, thoughts, and approaches. Take chances and recognize no creative boundaries.

          • I have much to learn. Now, I’m at a point of reticence. It seems like I must reflect on where my future lies and what it holds.

            • There is nothing wrong with that. Taking your time and properly digesting what is going on….and what has already happened. I usually was more regular with Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka forms to keep the creative wheels moving, but flattened out creatively. I feel like that side is waking up again. Be honest with your work. Say what you mean, and mean exactly how and why you say something( conviction).

              • I’m sorta wondering if a long break is needed on my part. I haven’t written anything new in about a year. No regrets about it either. I’m not
                angst-y about it.

                I’m kinda wondering if it’s just time to move on. A member of a couple writer’s groups, I feel like I’m just going through the motions at this point.

                Just letting some thoughts percolate and become effervescent. It’s a weird thing ….

                • Perhaps some time away from everything for a bit. Especially the groups. You might be surprised when and how you would perk up.

                • Make sure that you collect your thoughts, either some rough scribbles or voice recordings of those bits and pieces. You will eventually come back to ’em. Perhaps tighten up or even rethink some older work? Keep a copy of the original work.

                  • Actually, that’s part of what tires me. I’m ill of my own stuff. I go to open mics and am SO ready and available to read someone else’s stuff, but, easily tire of seeing, hearing and working my own stuff. It’s kinda funny.

                    I will keep note of my own voice, that is significant.

                    • I’ve done the same, covering Whitman, Dickinson, Blake, Ginsberg, and Kerouac and study everything about the piece as well as what the author was experiencing at the time. I treat other people’s work much like the finest of China-treat with care in both study and eventual interpretation.

                    • You put more work into it than i do. I’m familiar with a work and an author, but, beyond that, i kinda wing it. Last week, i randomly read from a local poet i like. It wasn’t until i was in the middle of it when i choked on my (his) words as he was writing about ‘self pleasure’.

                    • LOL! That was a Major D’OH!

                    • Yeah, i was kinda surprised. .. .

                      A few from the crowd actually liked the poem, though, so, i didn’t feel too bad afterwards lol

                    • The problem that our group that read together at my own open mics is disinterest, and not paying attention. I felt like verbally going off on a few patrons for trying to talk over our advertised and planned event. But that location has been out of the mix for a year or two already. New locations…..with fellow poets and novelists.

                    • Yeah, i hear that, at least be quiet just out of courtesy. ….

                      That is annoying.

                    • I still imagine that even in 2015 Ginsberg’s howl might bowl over certain audiences…
                      I’ve covered some snippets of Ginsberg, but not Howl.

                    • When I’ve discussed Howl, people are like ‘Oh, he’s just going for shock value’, obviously since they’ve been exposed to literature, his work and intelligent thought. I’m not a stuck up literature snob (i love cartoons, still), but, at least know something. ….. There IS something called internet, Google and Bing. …. ever consider using them? If not, there are these things trees are cut down for called books. Sorry, touchy spot lol

                      I’m not ultra literate, but, i do read and form my opinions. Even Kerouac, i loved Dharma Bums, but, The Subterraneans ??? I was like ‘Dude, lay off the weed’.

                    • A fellow cartoon nut here as well. My wife insists that she can tell what I’m watching in the other room based on the boom of my laugh(she has correctly guessed at The Three Stooges shorts and Mr Magoo cartoons). Even at 51, I’m still a kid at heart…always will be.

                    • I do enjoy The Land Before Time, Bananna Splits, Ollie, Fran and Kookla (sp?), Kaptain Kangaroo and the hotel one with the dragon in the basement.

                    • I would not mind if I ran across BJ and the Dirty Dragon again for Old Time’s Sake. I’ll have to revisit some older titles via Youtube. Man, we’re both knocking the dust and spider webs off of some of these titles….lol

                    • Lol, dust was never meant to lay long

                    • I had a blast covering some of Hemingway’s shorter pieces at my own open mic gigs in the past. I cover some pieces from other FB Poets at times. I first ask their permission, then upon their giving their blessings study the work. I’ve covered a friend’s piece 5-6 times over the past year. I get closer and closer to feeling that I’ve interpreted fully and properly, but never 100% Sometimes we are our own worst enemies…lol

                    • Yeah, I get a kick out of introducing an audience to poets they’ve not heard of.

                      I think i get in my own way, way to often lol

        • Maybe we’ll hook up at an open mic or better yet spoken word gig in the near future.

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