Tripping on Yesterday(Bits and pieces, scattered thoughts, and observations)

Tripping on Yesterday(Bits and Pieces, Scattered Thoughts, and Observations, and Mindspew)



tree branches

swaying in the warm afternoon breeze

spring tease

HaikuPops031714A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



mid march

cold winds howling

winter not quite through just yet

HaikuPops031714B©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



wind whistles

outside the window

my cat sings in hebrew 

lost somewhere

in these

sunday afternoon


ProsetryFragmentsPops031714A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


train speeds

through dark tunnels

the engineer snores on

SenryuPops031714A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



three in the morning

cars zooming down the freeway

(a)  million nowheres

SenryuPops031714B©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



morning sun

reflects off the puddles

gravel crunches underfoot

HaikuPops031714C©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved




0310 monday morning

Is this week over yet?

Misc031714A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


warm sunlight

and flickering daydreams

a sparrow chirps from the telephone line

PoeticFragments031714A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



once dominated

these places

now only

the blight of strip malls

to replace

the cornstalks

so much for progress….

PoeticFragments031714B©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



the half moon


through the morning clouds 

HaikuPops031714D©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



plump robin

staring down

from the garage roof

we trade looks

a morning meeting

PoeticFragments031714C©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



red leaf

floats in the puddle

last fall’s pride

HaikuPops031714E©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved





Poetic Fragments



flickering starlight

while busy

chasing tomorrow’s dreams


to this reality



Poetic Fragments06092015©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



2 Responses to “Tripping on Yesterday(Bits and pieces, scattered thoughts, and observations)”

  1. These are all wonderful, I like the farm one especially, and this one,
    “0310 monday morning
    Is this week over yet?”

    • Cindy Knoke,
      Thank You!
      The ‘0310’ piece was a Kerouac voicing…….and I was at work that Sunday Night/Monday Morning.
      The farm piece was inspired by my memories of vacations-in-Wisconsin-past. Those same places have strip malls…the Mom and Pop charm long gone.

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