Adieu(Kim Oliver and Len Gesinski)




by the remainder

of your golden rays.


One last reach….to glory

through the trees,

heaven to my gaze even as you continue to fade

ever westward.


The clouds dance with you,

creating art that is unsurpassed

by human hands.


I am awed by your splendor

as a chill a chill caresses the skin

so recently kissed

by you.


Birdlike shadows

quickly cross this majestic sky,

their cue to roost

if only for a few precious moments.


Second by second

you continue to fall,

until our shadows

are no more.


Yet, I remain transfixed

by just a hint

of your magnificence.


No simple humbling

                  My eyes lower…

                       My voice quiet…


This moment



No words are necessary








Adieu©Kim Oliver and Leonard.C. Gesinski(06/21/2015)


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