Prosetry Fragments

December 27, 2015(…a view from the E/R)

Outside the window
watching as the raindrops and snowflakes
take turns to tumble

So it will be

Outside these walls
as the slap of a cold winter wind
touches my face

So it will be


all of these hearts
we’ll discover any compassion
or even the slightest trace of humanity
as the nonstop ingress and egress
those with every..any affliction
huddle and bundle
suffer and smile

a full circle in the end

some are forced to accept

cruel reality
while others find
grace and resolution

in order to continue
to find

trust and hope
in complete strangers

If only these emergency room  walls could talk


ProsetryFragments12272015©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved

12 Responses to “Prosetry Fragments”

  1. Were you in the E/R when you wrote this poem?

    • Yes, My wife Jen had two visits to the E/R. She had recent surgery for a torn meniscus. The following weekend some heart related difficulty from that same surgery. I was watching the snowflakes outside of the window…and some thoughts came to me.

      • I find when I’m in a situation that’s stressful, I, too, look for ways to cope. Poetry can be a life saver. I wish the best for you and your wife. 💐

        • Thank You! Jen is doing much better. Physical rehab sessions several times a week. We’re both looking forward to when she heals up. We like to go out together to some different locations for what I’ve termed ‘pic and stroll’ sessions(photography).

          • I love that — pic and stroll! Physical therapy is very important… good for Jen.

            I know exactly what you mean about “squirreling away” notes and such. As a poet, you never know when you’ll need a particular word or phrase!

            I enjoy your poetry… so effortless and smooth. I’ve only started to discover your photos and will peruse your site more when I find the time. I need to get ready for work. Thank you for this morning’s chit chat, L. Have a great day!

        • I tend to squirrel away some of these notes. Always interesting to find these scribbles a year or more later, they occasionally take on newer or deeper meaning.

  2. How true your words…I read the above reply–i have two torn menisci …and a popliteal cyst. How is your wife progressing after the operation? I am still considering if I should do it–the other suggestion was a full knee replacement. I do not know IF I am ready for that! I hope your wife’s surgery was a success and she is doing well!

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