Poetic Fragments(Zikaron)

Poetic Fragments





distant memory


…a single teardrop

falls down

upon his gravestone

Her reflection,

a solitary



PoeticFragments(Zikaron)01182016A©Leonard.C. Gesinski/Jen Gesinski All Rights Reserved


11 Responses to “Poetic Fragments(Zikaron)”

  1. Beautiful and bittersweet.

  2. I use my cell, too, but I love texture and carry around a burgeoning leather portfolio. When I had more time, I used to make assemblages and collages. Do you dabble in art outside of poetry?

  3. lengesinski plays musical instruments…bass….I am curious about how the time says 10:07, but it won’t be that time for a few more hours…..nice page lengesinski

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