spring morning

pink myrtle blossoms

bowing in the rain


HaikuPops043016A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved




spring morning

white myrtle blossoms

waving in the rain


HaikuPops043016C©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



12 Responses to “Haiku”

  1. Hmmmm. I think Id rather be like the white myrtle blossoms who are happy; even in rainy weather 🙂

    • Unconditional happiness. The myrtle blossoms became my muse(s)only because of a washed out art festival last weekend. I sat in the car waiting for the heavy rain to slow to either a light or mist. That never happened. I looked out the car windows at the myrtle/Apple/cherry blossoms bobbing in the rain. Pansies always appear as happy faces to me, although I’m appreciative and grateful for all.

      • I love your outlook in life! Pansies are my favorite flowers, because of their happy faces and also cuz they’re just too cute. I’m sorry about your washed out art festival 😦 We’re you showing your wonderful photographs?

        • No, I was participating. I dig this art festival for many reasons including some friendships with painters, photographers, and sculptors that I’ve been able to meet and have some great conversations with. If I ever get my act together I might start with a slideshow at one of my open mic locations. Thanks for the encouragement! It does take a nudge to get things going!

  2. I enjoyed your compare and contrast poetry — superb!

  3. I love it!! Brilliaint…and I am sure you “saw” it!

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