Poetic Fragments

Poetic Fragments


familiar dream-

a thousand people waving

…..hello or goodbye?


PoeticFragments05182016Z©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved

11 Responses to “Poetic Fragments”

  1. Ah, those enigmatic dreams! Perfectly captured in such lovely, brief lines. I loved this one very much.

  2. It resonates with me, because many of my dreams are a mystery. I keep a dream journal by my bed — and yes, the good, bad, and the ugly are all recorded in it. I guess dreams are the same whether they’re conjured up during the day or night… or are they?

    • Same difference. The mental blender can provide a wide range of dreams.

    • That’s probably the best way to record and compare at a later time. I used to wake up with an idea, turn on the light and start scribbeling away(this did not make my wife too happy). I still will write down some dreams, and improvise on commercials and tv show themes or movies.
      Ideas come to me quite a bit while I am driving. I’ll find a place to park and try to record what my thoughts were on my phone recorder. I’ve always been comfortable carrying around an old notebook and paper case for scribblings while at a library or coffee shop.

      • I carry a notepad, too, but have also used my phone’s recorder. Ha! Just tell your wife that the poem will be dedicated to her 😀 Yes — how funny, that many thoughts spring forth when I’m driving, as well!

        Have a wonderful week, my poet friend. I enjoy our tête-à-tête.

  3. When are you gonna publish these awesome poems?

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