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Poetic Fragments

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Poetic Fragments





one person’s act of overt aggression


…….is a storm of silence.




the only flight from fear


…….is to stand and wait.



delirium’s trip

oh, it all comes so quickly

this dance….in your maze


Poetic Fragments12162013©Leonard C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved

A Collaboration with Jen Gesinski

Jen Gesinski (A and B)-12/16/2013

Len Gesinski (C)-01/14/2015



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Teardrops fall


closed eyes

steeled heart


still graying secrets

long forgotten

place, time, persons

hastened steps

down blasphemed rows


thunderstruck cherubs

gently dropping


o’er the graves

slain enemies…..once brothers

we each have our time

tell our tale

liberation only

sometimes centuries

after the fact

euphoric smiles join with addled minds

as broken hearts escort age old furies

to the bridge

of separation

our angelic echoes


into the depths






Frayed©Leonard C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(09222014)

Abstract Poetry

Poetic Fragments

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the many rooms

and broken corridors

in this gray




PoeticFragments01092014©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved

Dented Saint

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Dented Saint


In chasing shadows

a crushing of anxiety

a building of uncertainty

the only certainty-

-are the pains that will have to be endured


their hurt will be without end

their suffering without end

their peace will be crushed down to fragments

their resolve will be broken

no worry


… of you will be taken as well  


gradual building of giants

small things with exaggerated shadows

elongated phantom forms

magnified sounds and imagined torments


the enormity

of our burdens



your pain




my empathy


I see no other choice


but to carry……



truth be, I would know no other way


Dented Saint©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(09/07/2013)

Yesterdays and Todays(Aftermaths)

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English: Do Todays Work Today Slab found in th...

English: Do Todays Work Today Slab found in the garden of the Ugly House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterdays and Todays(Aftermaths)


hangman’s noose

swirls and rocks

in an ever caustic breeze….

public opinion

ever wraught


one sided

albeit millions in number

aberrant animus

a dance of blinding hate

not needing of clear and rational minds

eyesight decidedly obscured


long since concluded





all seemingly obsolete extinct passé


perhaps only sleeping

Yesterdays and Todays(Aftermaths)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(04/21/2013)

Candlelit Reflections(faces and names past)

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Candlelit (Photo credit: kfergos)

Candlelit Reflections

(faces and names past)



Merest flickerings

now only a complete absence

of a flame

that once set out

 burning brightest

at it’s apex…..

summit of youth

only where and when

high blue skies….

of promise

are believed to be without end

unrestraind vigor  

unbridled brashness

signaling out….

with resounding vibrancy

Almost Challenging

Lounging gods of past

to the world ahead

daring once

and reaching out

well beyond a calling to

darkest skies

of a starless night

that with certainty

will one day

come calling…..

until that time

when the flame’s intensity lessens…

until the day

where finally

light is extinguished

an inevitably succumbing

into a long quiet…..

a velvetted darkness


Candlelit Reflections(Faces and Names Past)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(03/11/2013)


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English: Papyrus Nash, fragment of the Ten Com...

English: Papyrus Nash, fragment of the Ten Commandments and the Shema Yisrael prayer, found 1930 in Egypt Česky: Papyrus Nash, fragment obsahující desatero a modlitbu Šema Jisrael, nalezen 1930 v Egyptě (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The First Paragraph of the Shema as written in...

The First Paragraph of the Shema as written in a Torah scroll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Frozen Ambivalance

Almost Intoxicated by Waves

of Indifference

A Complete Inability

to Ascertain

Truth from Lies,

Where Exaggerations Would

Reign Dominant

Slippery Slopes

Where Neither Footing

nor Gripping Possible

Trading Freely,

Equilibrium for Constant the State of Flux

At the Last Minute

Unforseen Opportunity

To finally Escape

the Clutches of

Blind Servitude

And Shadows of More Gods than Can be Named

That Seemed

to Always

Shadow from Childhood


So Foreign

Complete Openness

Tasting for Once

The Sweet Freedom



Shema©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/14/2013)


The Emptied Tree

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The Emptied Tree


Time Escapes

Dulled Whimsies


All that Remain.

Lingerings  of

Cold Sensation

But What is Left?

But For

a Plethora

Empty Platitudes

Left to Ring


…Ears to Mind


Gradually Built

Over Time

To become

a Frenzied Crescendo




For the Rolling of Endless Skies

Of the


Grayed Season



Dearth of Empathy


The Emptied Tree©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/06/2013)

Ghost of the Present

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Ghost of the Present



Living Vicariously

Just Allowing

The Shadows to Pass

In Between Places


Hidden Regrets

Sounds from other Times

Past Places

As the

Sights Pass from Eyes

to Gray Hidden Places

Memories Off

Foggy Landscapes

Even Vaguer Recollections

Buried Deeper

Listed Between


Discerning Between

Realities and Fantasies

Mere Smoke and Ashes

Ghost of the Present© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 12/03/2012

Illusion #999…..

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The mists of time

The mists of time (Photo credit: Keith Williamson)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Photo credit: John H Gray)

Illusion  #999…..


Divergent Pathways

 Past Rolls of Lazy Grey Ambling  Clouds.

Of Unrequited Promises,

And Hinted  Conjecture.

The Rows of Hidden Purpose

and Convoluted Meanings,

Seeming to Protrude

Through the Mists of Time.

Reality being  Cold as the Marble Slab Atop…..


Illusion  #999…..© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 09/24/2012


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