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She left suddenly

 and without warning

Everyone was left

 to contemplate their own mortality

Learning from this point

 how to deal with the empty space

An uncomfortable silence

 where there was once

a voice of support, guidance and hope.

 A place where there was once

 abundant laughter smiles, and unwavering encouragement,

now just a quiet emptiness



cold wind

scatters autumn’s leaves

(all) places…far and wide


Suddenly12012015A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved




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She left suddenly and without warning.

Everyone was left to contemplate their mortality.

Learning from this point on how to deal with the empty space.

An uncomfortable silence, where there was once a voice of support, a voice of warning.

A place, where there was once abundant laughter and smiles, now just a quiet emptiness…..solitude.

cold fall wind

scatters the remaining leaves

(all) places…far and wide


Suddenly(Haibun)12012015A©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


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Hurry, hurry, ever racing to a never ending finish line.

Another moment of another day….the years silently pass by.

Missed, was the grandeur of countless sunrises and sunsets, in the quest for green.

The ratrace claims another…and another…and another.



cool summer breeze

a couple walking into

the sunset


Dash(Haibun)06022015©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved

Temporary Reprieve

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Temporary Reprieve


The eyes tell their stories, words spoken not always necessary.

Weariness comes with this territory, a daily badge of survival.

Another day, another resource, another place for lodging, another place for food.

Apathy, Indifference, and Obliviousness only compound the burden.


a fading sunset 

please walk a mile in these shoes




‘Temporary Reprieve’ Haibun01042015©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


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Without any hint of mercy,

With these cold december winds now upon us.

Underfoot, the crunch of summer’s dry leaves.

A scent of nature, still breaking down…tickles the senses.

These are subtle reminders of the season.

Trees towering above these winding pathways,  are now bare.

Their limbs…naked…stripped, waving…pleading..imploring

as if to the heavens above.

The squirrels playfully dart from tree to tree, across the paths,

stopping only long enough to chatter, playfully tease…


as if time could freeze

wandering this paradise

(a)gentle surrender



Moments12092014©Leonard C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


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