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Bolam Lake on a mild Winter day Looking West f...

Bolam Lake on a mild Winter day Looking West from the North East corner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Past Mild Winter, Nothing Now but a Distant Mem’ry.

Welcoming Mother Nature’s Insistence that Buds and Green-

-Start Ushering in a New Season Some Five Weeks back.

A Sun Drenched Gravel Walkway,

My Eyes Fixed Upon an Upright Clock at the Path’s Cross-

-Which Starts to Fade from a Distant Place.

A Start of Many Wandering Daydreams that Caress My Mind.

Syncopated Pitter-Patterings of The Local Runners Stomping Feet Upon Gravel Mixed

in with the Songs of  Anxiously Chirping Birds, and Chattering Squirrels Ever at Play in The Surrounding Trees.

A Once Damaged Spirit, Slowly being Revived and Recovered,

 in Only How Nature, In all of Her Exquisite Glory Could Possibly Provide.

0001 ©Leonard.C. Gesinski 04/13/2012

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