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Fall Poem(Autumnal Winds of Change)

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Fall Poem(Autumnal Winds of Change)


As Summer Excused Itself,

and Became a Distant Mem’ry

Fall Steps In.

Colours of the Season

Leaves of Burnt Orange, Reds, Various Hues of Brown, Yellow,

and still a Few Stubborn Green Filtered atop the Undisturbed Grass Below.

Squirrells Chasing Up and Down Trees up and Down The Long Winding Paths of Fabyan Parkway.

Birds Chatter is Nature’s Music to My Ears.

The Scents of Nature Breaking Down the Summer Season Just Past,

As a Cold Wind Reminds that Winter is Just around the Corner, with Hints of

The Thirty-Some Degree Temperatures.

Rolling Clouds Never Hastened that Day’s Journey to The Past Historical Glories along the Fox River.

I Reach Back to the Car in Time for the Rain to Begin to Fall.


Fall Poem(Autumnal Winds of Change) ©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(10/05/2012)


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