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Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts

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As Sparks Transformed

to an All Consuming Inferno

Gradually Built Animosities

Built One by One by One-Thousand

The Day Came

Where The Accumulated Hammered Chiseled Bits

Widened Miscroscopic Cracks to Gaping Fissures

In the Broken Mind

A Deranged Person’s

Gunshots Rang Out

Leading to Massacre of Twenty-some

One Dark Friday


……Potential’s Unrealized

…….Smiles Left Etched in Memory Alone

………Questions Upon Questions

……..Spinning Rationalizations


No Answers



Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts©2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 12/14/2012

of Black Days and the Desolation Refugee

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of Black Days and the Desolation Refugee


Rising from the Ashes

Brushing Off The Dusts

of Lost Times


Energies Zapped

Finally Calling Out By Name

Recognizing Familiar Face

In New Disguise

My Tormentor


I’m Freed Once Again

from It’s Shackles

Now To Pull

at it’s Roots……

of Black Days and the Desolation Refugee©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(11/18/2012)

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