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Tantalus [ ]. engravingCategory:technique with...

Tantalus [ ]. engravingCategory:technique with mounted parameter. Ø 31 cm. ,, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. 1978/16/1. 1978colon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Teasing the Angels

With Damning Cup

Full to the Brim



Cursed as

Tantalus’ forever Cursed Reachings

Towards Branches

of Such Poisoned Fruit Above

Teased from afar

Faintest Twinkling,

Briefest Glint

Fool’s Gold

Cursed to be Pulled Back

By The Weight

Of Own Blinding Greed

Into the Swallowing Echoed

Dark Abyss Below

No Matter,

For Once Again

The Cost Will be Dared

Reality be Damned

Perpetual©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/18/2012)



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Visions from the Hereafter: Fall of the Damned

Visions from the Hereafter: Fall of the Damned (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Hipster Chic, Non-Chalant Strut Uptown, Eyes Peering from Drab Tenements, Battleworn and Battleweary, Bolt Doors-Fear and Desperation Rule.  

Boot-heels Beat in Time the Well Worn Cement Walks. Demi-Gods Once Walked Here, Now Pander to Only Soulless Curs.

Cadenced Speech Patterns, Revisited Patterns with the Continued Hope of Reviving Old Ghosts.

Corner Strumpet’s Sly, Suggestive Callings, Tilt Head Forward, Revealing Traced Lips, Piss Lined Alley as Workspace amongst the Cans and Rats.

Junkman Pedals Soul-Sucking Brown Dynamo, Trickster’s Darkest Void Eyes, Tracked Arms and Wrists Play Out as Roadmap for the Damned.

Pinched Tricks, Carrying Poison Home to Waiting Smiles, Coitus Reveals and Unwields Clap, Unchecked Pains-No Remorse Possible.  

Products of the Decaying Metropolis.

After All, Hell’s a-Beckoning Just a Short Distance Off.

Twilight©Leonard.C. Gesinski(05/01/2012)

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