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Len Gesinski Photography

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Len Gesinski Photography
Fabyan Parkway


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Solo Missions-Fabyan Parkway 050513 002

Brightest sunlight

Dispelling the last of winter’s

stubborn influence

My imagination


by a new season’s


Their prismatic brilliance

as evidenced

in the striking purples, blues, greens, and yellows

My eyes fixed

far above

an endless parade

of wispy birds and pining dragons

shaped and drawn in rows

of lazy fluffed clouds

a steady procession

making their way

across the sky

The river’s lapping waters

Quick and dark

with currents deep

The sounds of birdcalls crisscrossing

both south and north

Of the old crossing bridge


a one hundred year old ruins

Mere hints

of a more glorious past…..


050513©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(05/05/2013)

Fabyan Parkway

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