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of Black Days and the Desolation Refugee

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of Black Days and the Desolation Refugee


Rising from the Ashes

Brushing Off The Dusts

of Lost Times


Energies Zapped

Finally Calling Out By Name

Recognizing Familiar Face

In New Disguise

My Tormentor


I’m Freed Once Again

from It’s Shackles

Now To Pull

at it’s Roots……

of Black Days and the Desolation Refugee©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(11/18/2012)


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loved ones suffer...

loved ones suffer… (Photo credit: LifeHouseDesign)




The Day-by-Day eventually became Many a Year

Helplessly, I Watched  as an  Invisible and Soundless Plunderer

Of Mind and Memories Slowly but Steadily Chipped away at the Whole Person.

Oh Dementia , How I Loathe Your Thieving Ways!

The Mind becomes Blanker,

  Staggered Recollection of  Persons, Places, Events and Things-

-from the Past On Occasion Came to Light.

Injuries Accumulated, Chipping Away the Physical Self, Injuries, Surgeries, Hospital Stays

Numbly, I Walk Yet Another Hospital’s Marbled Hall

Struggle with The Pained Reality that the Future Brings.


For All of Those Who have Loved Ones Suffering from Dementia, Alzheimers, and Multiple Sclerosis.


Disintegration©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(10/08/2012)


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Tempus fugit

Tempus fugit (Photo credit: Universal Pops)




What Does It Take?

To Get…..

The Turning of Eyes Towards the Needs of Many?

The Changing  of Attitudes?

Realigned Priorities?

Training Perspectives Outside the Norm, Outside the Box of Complacency

Losing Attitudes of being Better than, Superiority Helps Hide Skittish Insecurities,

A Quivering Inside, Of Many Unknowns, of the Boogieman Stuffs Built Up from Childhood.

Of Atrocities and Blind Eyes


Perhaps Realizing into Bigger Pictures,

Nowhere Else to Turn,  Run, and Hide

Newly Opened Eyes, without the Need of Special Filters Visions of Convenience

To The Real

Of Schemes, Of Lives, Of Places Far and Wide,

Of Differences Many, Of Languages Old and New, of Realities Stark and Harrowing

Of Life Going On Outside Our Own Pretty Gated Worlds

Of Needs Many, of People of Many Creeds and Colors.

Metamorphosis©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(03/12/2012)


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English: Healing Garden at Celebration Health.

English: Healing Garden at Celebration Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


List of images in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries

List of images in Gray’s Anatomy: VI. The Arteries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



heal? (Photo credit: atomicity)






Long and Cold


the Marbled Floors


Distract the Eyes


Away from


the Sterilized Effluvium




Burnt Deep Into the Senses


Cold Familiarities.


No Longer an Enemy.


Memories Abound, Long Ago Pasts


Other Places, of Non Ending, Curling, and Tailing


Floors and many Rooms and Mirrors and Lights


Here, both Life and Death


Walking Side-by-Side, biding Time


Amongst the Practitioners




as Paroxysm, Maladies, Pain, and Healing abound


a Testing of the Will for Life.




a Place, Where Stories Begin, Continue and End.








Labyrinthine© Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved 07/23/2012


Dedicated to All that are Healing, and in Hospitals All Over……..


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