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Chant Poem

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Chant Poem


Another day, another disease

but where the humanity?

fear of any, and all differences

but where the humanity?

pointing fingers, at each other

but where the humanity?

accusation, in countless eyes

but where the humanity?

blind hatred to cover irrational fear

but where the humanity?

where to find a solution?….a cure?

but where the humanity?

starting with


unconditional love














Chant Poem10272014©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved

Poetic Fragments

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illusion of centricity

ignoring the pulls and tugs

from left to right

up to down

to places

that I’d much rather not be

so elusive

the peace, confidence and certainty

as to continue to probe all things far and wide

but never losing focus

not to fall too deep

but to recognize the true depth of all

not to fly too far upwards

only to be blinded away from purpose

not to unwittingly stray too far

but to always have certain a purpose in the journey

to strangle fear

so as not to allow angst to extinguish the light of challenge

life does goes on

as we wisely pick our battles along the way

Poetic Fragments07072013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(07/07/2013)

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