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Without any hint of mercy,

With these cold december winds now upon us.

Underfoot, the crunch of summer’s dry leaves.

A scent of nature, still breaking down…tickles the senses.

These are subtle reminders of the season.

Trees towering above these winding pathways,  are now bare.

Their limbs…naked…stripped, waving…pleading..imploring

as if to the heavens above.

The squirrels playfully dart from tree to tree, across the paths,

stopping only long enough to chatter, playfully tease…


as if time could freeze

wandering this paradise

(a)gentle surrender



Moments12092014©Leonard C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



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memories, keepsakes

regrets, things not all settled

regrets, things not said

looks beyond hard cold marble



Senryu06102013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(06/10/2013)

Finding Me

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English: Finding the coastal footpath The coas...

English: Finding the coastal footpath The coastal path does not run along the shoreline but people go this way when the tide is out. However, the section between here and the white building is not passable any more, and the path is diverted inland. It does not join the coast again until beyond the trees on the headland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding Me



And Staid the Figure Far Below

Under a Canopy

Of Endless Rolling Gray Skies


Of Last Fall’s Burn

Not in Evidence

Among Barren Trees

Yellowed Grassbits

March’s Frozen Stillness,

Parting Gift of Winter’s Last Kiss


Smiling as Nature’s Song

Bird Calls from the Water

Squirrell’s Frit About the Brush

Name Called in the Whistle

Of an ever Cold Companion

Piercing Wind

Smile In Recognition

Nods in Silent

an Appreciation

Last Remnants


Strewn along

the ever Winding

 and Zig-Zagging

Crushed White Gravel Pathway

With Ease

Making Way Down

to the Riverside’s Slipstones

Peace, Despite Spring’s Promise

Not Yet being in Evidence

Nature’s Frigid Interplay

Shadows and Light Mingle

Tree Reflections on the Water

As Images Splinter

Against Bird’s Landing

the Splashes of Glimmered Reflections

Framed by

Shadowed Ice Edges


Empty Tables

Only Awaiting Reception

Finding Me©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/13/2013)


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Until the Day Comes

Alms of Peace and Amity

Becomes Norm of All


HaikuB04092013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(04/09/2013)


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Ignoring Dark Tones

Language of Love and Peace

Brightness Overwhelms

HaikuA04092013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(04/09/2013)

The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)

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The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)

Death’s Spectre, I’ll Follow Not,

Thy Foul Shadow’s Jagged Course

–Through  Mazed  Theatres,

Wars of Past and of the Stark Future.

The Fevered Jingoism Never has Never had an Allure

Outright Rejected, a Corruptive Influence,

So Many a Warped Vision

May Fouling Stench of Rotting Flesh of the Fallen,

Besmirch Those Battlers Partaking of  the Putrefactive Nectar

….Solitary Ambivalence,

A Nullifying Counterpoint to Your Angried Call To Arms

Let The Rhetoric Build,  Deaf Ears Turned in Defference

I’ll Know No War


The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(11/13/2012)

For Sky(Dancing with Wolves)

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wolf! (Photo credit: newrambler)

For Sky(Dancing with Wolves) RIP 02/06/2012

Child of The Earth,

Family, Only True Original Natives to the Land 

Time finally Came for When the Physical transitioned to Spiritual

Heeding an Inevitable Call

Internal Organs Failed, Never a Complaint was to be Heard or Noticed

Easy with Laugh, No Shortage of Smiles through the Pain

The Day Came, a Beckoning, and Feel, to a Call to another Place

May Your Soul Now Roam where Mortals Could only Dream

Peace never Quite Realized while of this Earth

I’ll Think of You By The River, as the Waters Smack the Side Banks,

Think of an Easy Going Demeanor amongst the Trees and Green of the Woods,

Sense a Voice in a Cool Spring Breeze,

Feel Your Presence in Open Spaces,

Realize Your Freedom in the Great Majestic Heights Realized by only Winged Wonders,

Great Peace To You at Last My Dear Online Friend, Rest in Peace.

02/19/2012 For Sky© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski

The Wanderer of Promised Sky

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Grasses (Photo credit: Matt Ohia)

The Wanderer of Promised Sky

Formless Conscience, Free of Past Strife

Knowing not any Boundaries,

A Directionless walk amongst Dew Dipped Greens

The Gentle Breeze forever My Silent Companion

Gentle Running of a Distant Brook, the Purest Suggestion of Peace

Trees, Grasses, and Wild Flowers Tickle My Eyes with Endless Allurement

Blended Colours Attract My Eyes, the Mind Well Engaged in all Natural Beauties

Yes, Sighs The Sentenced Soul of this Promised Sky

The Wanderer of Promised Sky© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski

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