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Blood Money

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Blood Money


Amaranthine hues and tones

the many years

of spilled blood


into the soils

of far off lands

but, this time……not buying

and decidedly long-distanced

from tainted messages and reasonings

smoke and mirrors

tailored in webs of tangled complicities

pocked with flaws and coloured with prejudices

many faces of enmity

the destructive waves hate and ignorance

just too hard to miss..or ignore

from never ending streams

of incessant and mind-numbing

manipulations and fearmongering

wrapped in flags and patriotisms

circles of decidedly blind populace

spelled and mind fucked

hopeless in their haplessness

years of suggestion, key phrases, double language, and mixed messages

looking completely through

all of the blank eyed and smiley faced

Politicians, Lobbyists,

Behind the scenes Puppets

ever ready

 with proud declarations and tired catch phrases

their rehearsed speeches

and overused slogans

ribboned and medaled to the hilt

to the suits

of a killing trade

always having been quite mindful

of the collateral damage

calculated losses

 that were already figured into

set and ready with their machines

stuffs of destruction……


War is Not the Answer…or part of any solutions ever leading to peace


Blood Money©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(05/07/2013)


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English: Still from Intolerance by D. W. Griff...

English: Still from Intolerance by D. W. Griffith, a 1916 silent film. Scanned from an art book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




did we learn….CHOOSE

no longer

seeing, looking, hearing, considering, thinking



closed off,

or Illusion of….

safe and hopelessly, helpless, hapless



our own


with the tallest walls

thick and Full of

Politics, Religiosity, Prejudices, Intolerance




Human Condition 2013


Or Stay Course






Anymore©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(04/01/2013)

Thanks to a Friend’s(Patrick J. Bannon) Thoughts in the Form of a Status from 03/28/2013—-Which Started with  ‘Anymore’.


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turning a blind eye

towards what mostly scares you

utopian dream



apathy runs wild

desensitized walls up high

blindness convenient

Haiku02262013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/26/2013)

Radical Charge

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Radical earth

Radical earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radical road

Radical road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radical Charge


Seeing Through One’s

Very Own

Rose Coloured Glasses

A World of

Self-Molded Realities


Take a Dare

Hop The Stoop,

Crawl Down a New/Old Path


Filtered Daylight

Allows the Jeering Shadows

To Creep

And Tend to Lives

All Their Very Own



Dangers Around Each of the Corners


Feel The Pain

Smell the Fears

Hear The Noise

Taste The Disease


Never to be the Same

Ever Again.


Radical Charge©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/02/2013)


Shutting Doors

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[ The Door ]............EXPLORED 5/21....#117....

[ The Door ]…………EXPLORED 5/21….#117…. #4 for the week…thanks…again!! (Photo credit: ~Willa~)

Shutting Doors

Empty Campaigns, Hellbent Enthusiasm for Yet Another Dark Age

The Persecution of People

Oh, The Many Irrational Fears Coming to Light

Thank You Not

I’ll Not Take Part In, or Be Involved in the Backwards Progression

Mindless Masses

Hungry, Eating Up Angry Diatribe-Appetite from Dark Places

All Things Logical,

Not Even Part of Your Landscape of Possibilities, A Certainty of Shunning Away of The Positive

Broken Logic,

Ill Fitting Shoes, Not Fitting My Paradigm

Dark History,

Xenophobic Populace, Not Open to Embracing Change or Difference


Breath In, Breath Out……..


Break The Chain,

Dare to Be Different,

Dare To Think Differently,

Dare To Think Outside the Box,

Dare to Be open To New Things,

Dare To Embrace Difference,

Dare to Not be Part of the Growing Hate Machine and Mob Mentality…………………..



Shutting Doors© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 03/23/2012


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