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Finding Me

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English: Finding the coastal footpath The coas...

English: Finding the coastal footpath The coastal path does not run along the shoreline but people go this way when the tide is out. However, the section between here and the white building is not passable any more, and the path is diverted inland. It does not join the coast again until beyond the trees on the headland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding Me



And Staid the Figure Far Below

Under a Canopy

Of Endless Rolling Gray Skies


Of Last Fall’s Burn

Not in Evidence

Among Barren Trees

Yellowed Grassbits

March’s Frozen Stillness,

Parting Gift of Winter’s Last Kiss


Smiling as Nature’s Song

Bird Calls from the Water

Squirrell’s Frit About the Brush

Name Called in the Whistle

Of an ever Cold Companion

Piercing Wind

Smile In Recognition

Nods in Silent

an Appreciation

Last Remnants


Strewn along

the ever Winding

 and Zig-Zagging

Crushed White Gravel Pathway

With Ease

Making Way Down

to the Riverside’s Slipstones

Peace, Despite Spring’s Promise

Not Yet being in Evidence

Nature’s Frigid Interplay

Shadows and Light Mingle

Tree Reflections on the Water

As Images Splinter

Against Bird’s Landing

the Splashes of Glimmered Reflections

Framed by

Shadowed Ice Edges


Empty Tables

Only Awaiting Reception

Finding Me©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/13/2013)


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English: Still from Intolerance by D. W. Griff...

English: Still from Intolerance by D. W. Griffith, a 1916 silent film. Scanned from an art book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




did we learn….CHOOSE

no longer

seeing, looking, hearing, considering, thinking



closed off,

or Illusion of….

safe and hopelessly, helpless, hapless



our own


with the tallest walls

thick and Full of

Politics, Religiosity, Prejudices, Intolerance




Human Condition 2013


Or Stay Course






Anymore©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(04/01/2013)

Thanks to a Friend’s(Patrick J. Bannon) Thoughts in the Form of a Status from 03/28/2013—-Which Started with  ‘Anymore’.

So Far(Journies)

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Timelessness (Photo credit: twocentsworth)

So Far(Journies)



Of Places Far and Wide and Close at Heart, of both Time and Timelessness.

The Time Has Already Come, a New Page Been Turned:

What Has Been Learned?

What has been Forgiven?

What has been Seen?

What of The Experiences?

Forging  Ahead to a Truer and Clearer Vision,

Left Behind the Weights and Vices of an Old Day’s Yearnings,

of No Use Going Forward


Footprints already Imprinted on the Lands………………..

So Far(Journies)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(09/15/2012)


Still of the Morning(Circuitous Pathways)

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Pre-Dawn Sky

Pre-Dawn Sky (Photo credit: Kaptain Kobold)

Still of the Morning(Circuitous Pathways)


Chill of The Pre Dawn Light of Morning,

Where The Very  Last of The Night

Offers a Twinkling of Stars betraying

the Temporary Blanket of Darkness

and Keeping a  Pristine Stillness, Yet Not Corrupted.



Man’s Return and Insistance a Return to the Chaos of Our Own Making

The Bubbling and Brewing of Will over Nature’s Way


I’ll Just Stand Back in the Distance and Just Observe…..


Still of The Morning(Circuitous Pathways)© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 09/14/2012(0545)

Questions and Searching

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New York, Great Lakes (NASA, International Spa...

New York, Great Lakes (NASA, International Space Station, 07/04/11) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

English: Installation view of Wegner show &quo...

English: Installation view of Wegner show “ANSWERS & QUESTIONS” at William Griffin Gallery. Photographed by William Griffin Gallery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Questions and Searching


Desperate and Curious

I’m in Search of Living Proof of a Higher Powers Workings in My World

Is It in The Bag Lady’s Squeaky Cart Rolling across the Sidewalk of Suburbia?

Is It in the Ruddy Complexion of the Corner Pub’s Long-time Resident Lout?

Is It In The Angry and Hateful Rhetoric of the Mega-Church’s Limo tending and Armani Clad


Is It In The Homeless Man’s Slow and Struggling Aimless Wanderings?

Is It Perhaps in The Collective Wisdom in the Works of The Near and Far Poets?

Is It Perhaps Somewhere Deep Behind The Steely Gaze of the Gang Bangers?


Determined and Undeterred

I Find Solace, and Specks of Evidence Perhaps…

In The Selfless Volunteers that Provide Aid to The Hungry, Homeless, and Downtrodden?

In The Repairing and Defending of Battered Women and Abused Children?

In The Giving of Time, Money, Food, Effort at Animal Shelters?

In The AAA Sponsor’s Knowing, and Well Experienced Console?

In The Teacher’s Offhours  Mentoring of Needy Students?

In The Fireman’s Daring Rescue in The Cold of Night?

In The Policeman’s Stoic Presence on a Crimescene?

In The Doctor’s Accurate Analysis and Possible Resolution Plan for Someone Afflicted with Disease?

In The Company and Shared Conversations of Old Sages?


Resolution  or Further Contemplations

Answers Perhaps Found in The Rolling Sound of a River’s Steady Flow….

Answers Perhaps Found  In the Playful Chatterings of Squirrels in Fall

Answers Perhaps Found in The Bite of a Winter’s Cold Wind

Answers Perhaps Found in The Great Lakes Deep Waters

Answers Perhaps Found in the Earthen Pathways of the Forest

Or  Perhaps in The Waking Up To the Promise and Potential of a New Day…..


Questions and Searching© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 11/28/2011


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