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Outside the Lines

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LE DOBALI THIES (Photo credit: jooseph)

Two plane waves viewed from above. Black/Blue ...

Two plane waves viewed from above. Black/Blue lines represent wave peaks. White spaces between lines represent troughs. Yellow areas produce bright lines of constructive interference. The dark areas produce dark lines of destructive interference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Outside the Lines

Ghost of a Chance

an Inner Lion Awaits The Inevitable Pouncing

Made a Victim,

By Only One’s Fated Choices

Colour a Cycle, with Past Experiences.

The Serpent Master bides It’s Time,

Whispering No More.

While the Ventose Harlequin’s Offering of a Paradoxical Stew

Starts a Melding of Thought Processes,

Labyrinthine Corridors of Morals and Standards

Varying Shades of Gray,

with a Periodic Overlay of Black.

Singularity is Nil,

As the Delirium of Madness

Casts It’s Shadows Long, Cold, and Dark,

Laughter from the Unseen Depths,

a Beckoning of Sorts.

Lunacy Be Thy Name…..


Outside the Lines© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 05/27/2012


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