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Unending Path ...

Unending Path … (Photo credit: NJ..)



Cockeyed Hat atop Head

Unmistakeable Attitude

Fancy Yourself the ever Perfect Gangster

Slap Your Girls Hand with Force….

The Talking Down To Her….

Almost Seated, Just a raising of Back for Emphasis

Intimidation for Points Sake…..

One of Many Putdowns, Verbal Beatdowns

Feel that Rush?

Such a Real Man….


Or Just that You’ve Not Met Your Match Yet?

Sad, Sad Joke…….Pathetic Excuse



The Punches, the Slaps, The Incessant Yelling, Arguments

Unlimited and Unending Violence

Witnessed, and Intaking from Young On….

Daddy Sure Taught You Well…..

Long Line from the Past, Stretching Onward
Patterns of an Abuser…..

Familial Norms

Young Witness Shaping into Tomorrow’s Monster



? ? ? ? ?

Whitebread©Leonard.C. Gesinski 03/29/2012

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