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Exit Stage Left……

Posted in Free Verse Poetry with tags , , , on November 22, 2012 by lengesinski

Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exit Stage Left……

Hello Old Friends

A Simple Nod to Times Past

The Hair is Lesser or Gray These Days

A Bit Crustier We Certainly Are

Few Hours Sharing Laughs, We’ve Not Lost That

Uncovering So Many Exploits Past

How Did The Time Go So Quickly?

Tres Hombres Staring at Fifty

Minus the Hubris of Youth

Acceptance of What Truly Is

No Illusions, No Fear, No Defiance

 Just Different Dreams and Wandering Paths

Took the Longest To Figure Out

That the Twinkle was always in Our Eyes

Focus was on Things Far and Distant Places

For a Morning,


And Young Again……..


Exit Stage Left© Leonard.C. Gesinski 11/17/2012

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