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Fragments(shadows of the hour)

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fragments exhibition

fragments exhibition (Photo credit: monkeyinfez)

Familiar Voices


Receiving Ears

Locking Eyes

Knowing Smiles

Body Languages

Not so Subtle


Silent Expectations…


Silent Language





Acquiescence to Time


And The Moment Passes….


Fragments(Shadows of an Hour)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(04/10/2013)

Candlelit Reflections(faces and names past)

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Candlelit (Photo credit: kfergos)

Candlelit Reflections

(faces and names past)



Merest flickerings

now only a complete absence

of a flame

that once set out

 burning brightest

at it’s apex…..

summit of youth

only where and when

high blue skies….

of promise

are believed to be without end

unrestraind vigor  

unbridled brashness

signaling out….

with resounding vibrancy

Almost Challenging

Lounging gods of past

to the world ahead

daring once

and reaching out

well beyond a calling to

darkest skies

of a starless night

that with certainty

will one day

come calling…..

until that time

when the flame’s intensity lessens…

until the day

where finally

light is extinguished

an inevitably succumbing

into a long quiet…..

a velvetted darkness


Candlelit Reflections(Faces and Names Past)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(03/11/2013)


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The Morning Follies of Old Men

Regaling Exploits Past and Lusts Once of a Vibrant Youth Gone By

The Spirit Remains Young and Fiery, Even as The Hairline Fades  

All Before The Sun Rises on a Saturday Morning


Transformed to Youth through some Magical Fountain of Vigor

 Dusting Off of Old War Stories that Left Part of Them Behind on Far Lands

All Before The Sun Rises on a  Saturday Morning

Laughter Echoes off the Painted Walls and Murals


Pool Windows Steam, Outside the Distant Trains Slowly Clank down Rusted Tracks

The Old Men Glance over the Ice as the Youth Effortlessly Glide over the Ice

Expectations now Tempered , Passed Through the Mazed Corridors of Experience and Time

Thoughts Return to Plans Yet Unrealized and Onetime Expectations Lost    


Reality Far Outcries Unrequited Avarice Built of Time Elapsed and Hopes Not Yet Undefiled

 Goodbyes and Tipped Caps Greetings of Middle and Old Men Exit Past The Youth onto the Slick Ice

Expectations now Tempered , Passed Through the Mazed Corridors of Experience and Time

Of Exits, Entries, and Cycles without End    

Crossings©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(11/10/2012)

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