Satanica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Verbal Shots Taken and Given in Equal Measure

                     The First Fingers Pointing with Accusations and Presumptions,

Acidic Words Punctuated By Cold Stares

                     Words of Warning, a Collective Chest Thumping of Bloodthirsty Ogres on Opposing Sides.

The Mounting of Ironclads in Far Off Waters,

                       a Study of Provocation vs Intent.

Chessmatch with Death’s Smiling Face,

                            In Wait Patiently for Inevitable Next Move,

Timing, Mere Seconds Frozen that Pass with Great Reluctance,

                      Tension ever so Palpable.

Steely Nerves Held True,

                      Trained Hands above Instruments of Mass Death await the beckoning.



Behemoth© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski/02/26/2012(0544)

2 Responses to “Behemoth”

  1. makes me think of problems with nuclear capability in countries such as Iran and N Korea. is ultimate evil ultimate power ….? i don’t know.

  2. Eileen,
    This has all been on My Mind, cannot Escape the News.
    I Would Like to Think that the Best Minds Could Resolve Anything through Reason, but We’re Well beyond that.
    It’s That Sort of Gnawing Fear that My Parents Probably had almost Fifty Years ago.
    We’re Living In a Rather Historic Period, I’m Just Not Sure How, If, or When a New War Will Pop Up.

    Thanks for the Read…….I’m Battling Some Block Right Now.
    I’ve Got ‘X’ Amount of Unfinished Pieces, No less than Half Dozen Other Ideas that have not Made it to Paper or Document Yet, and My My Sci-Fi novel.

    I Joked with ian that My Homework from the Writers Group was Haiku, I’ve Struggled Mightily with that Form.
    I’ve Read Recent Work By People that Just Groove Effortlessly with the Form(Haiku Hideout) , I’ve Joked About Just Being Too Long-Winded to Work within The Discipline of Haiku…..We’ll See.


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